Roasted Potato and Chorizo Salad

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Roasted Potato and Chorizo Salad Roasted Potato and Chorizo Salad

A few weeks ago I was telling you about an amazing food magazine from New Zealand that I had happily discovered. Well this week I am so excited to report that there is a new Canadian food magazine, that in my opinion, rivals all of my favourite foodie mags. “Ricardo” magazine from Montreal has completely wowed me, and not just because it is Canadian. I found myself swooning over glossy, full page photos of sumptuous recipes and learning all sorts of tips and tricks from the detailed tutorials.  I have already made a number of the recipes from the inaugural issue of “Ricardo” and was thrilled with them.  Secretly, every time I go to the supermarket, I keep looking for the next issue!  I may just have to subscribe to this one! (By the way, nobody is paying me to say…

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