Vegas, Baby: A Land Of Family Values

Mix 94.1 Las Vegas

Thanks to VivaMMC to writing this and making us realize what a great city this place city can be to raise a family.
Vegas, baby. Land of family values:

Vegas Baby

I’m being serious.

I grew up in Las Vegas and am what our community refers to as a “Local” in a transient town.

A real one.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “Well, I’ve lived in Vegas for ten years so I’m pretty much a local.”

No, you are not and that’s ok. We love and accept you anyway. We hope you will stay and love this town as much as we do, but let’s be clear – being a “Local” is reserved for us few hundred thousand born and bred in this dusty desert town. We remember when the strip skyline was only a fraction of the glittering spectacle it is today.

My conservative…

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